New Year’s Walk | Hebei Xiongan New Area: move back to Rongdong, open the door of happiness

Video: Hebei Daily reporters Zhang Weiya, Liu Ran Wen Meiyuan, Xingqiuyuan, Juxian Garden, LAN Yin Garden…Walking in the streets of Rongdong District of Xiongan New Area, one by one the community names full of poetry, one by one beautiful western-style buildings, all open a door to a better life for the people who move back.As the first built-up area in the Xiongan New Area, more than 30,000 people have been relocated to The Rongdong area.At 7 o ‘clock on January 21, Li Yanhong moved back to Wenmeiyuan community of Rongcheng County Town Hexi village, as usual, on time from home to go to work.Just moved back more than a month, she was in the eight community, with the help of the rongdong area to find a cleaner to do the work, the location is in their own community opposite the Apricot autumn garden.Li Yanhong, 47, has two sons. Her eldest son joined the army and went to Sichuan province after graduating from college last year, while her second son is in senior one at Boao School in Rongcheng County.”Li jie so early ah, you see, you live in a beautiful community, the name is also good to hear ‘Wen Mei Yuan’.”Also early to go to work in the community eight party secretary Zhang Yan and Li Yanhong greeted.”It is said that the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. The general secretary said that happiness is achieved through hard work. I have two sons and I have to work hard.”His words made everyone laugh knowingly.Xingqiuyuan community has a total of 13 buildings, from the ground to the garage and then to the corridor of each building, the escalator, li Yanhong and several companions are cleaning scope.”There were five or six of us, and it was a lot of work and demanding.”As She spoke, Li yanhong struggled to pull a large garbage can from the ground to the designated location of the underground garage, and dumped the garbage inside.Li Yanhong’s monthly salary is 3200 yuan, although tired, but close to home, life is convenient.His wife, Lao Zheng, earns a higher salary in Gu Town, Dingxing County, 20 kilometers away.A family of four, including 20 square meters each bought, has a total of 280 square meters of housing.They chose two houses of 120 square meters and another 60 square meters from the old man, so they chose two smaller houses of 50 square meters according to the remaining square meters.In addition to living a large family building, the rest are rented out, is also a considerable income.”Listen to you scratching the abacus like management of their own family life, must be at home also when the family.”At 18 o ‘clock, with li Yanhong after work back to her home, Zhang Yan joked.Li Yanhong’s new house, there is still a house-moving atmosphere: furniture, home appliances are newly purchased, hanging on the wall of some decorative paintings, from the living room to the bedroom clean and tidy, there is no excess sundry.”Have no matter I wipe wipe wipe wipe, this work with class on the cleaning not bad far yao?”My wife and eldest son are both Party members, and my second son is also good at his studies. There is still a gap between me and them. I must work hard to keep up with them and create a better life together.”Li Yanhong seems to have endless strength.”I really like people like Big Sister Li, who are positive and self-reliant.”Zhang Yan said, he used to be in rongcheng County river town when members of the organization, Rongdong area resettlement work after the start, was seconded to rongdong management committee eight in the community as party secretary, there is no holiday concept, work every day until eleven o ‘clock at night is common.Accompanying reporters interview more than an hour, Zhang Yan received more than a dozen phone calls, reflecting maintenance, consulting social security, she will be timely work arrangements.19 reporters left, Zhang Yan received a residential property company telephone.After the call she said excitedly: “Ok, Li Chunfu’s job has been secured.”Li Chunfu, who lives in Xingqiuyuan, is a returnee from Anxin County. His wife has cerebral thrombosis sequelae and his brother-in-law is deaf and dumb, which makes life difficult.After coordination, he took his brother-in-law as a cleaner, each other have a care, income is also guaranteed.Zhang Yan was more excited than she was to find a job. “I have to tell Li Chunfu the good news at once. I also have to explain.””Welcome home, happy check-in.”In The Rongdong area, eight red letters posted in the conspicuous position of each community, in and out of the back of the masses of happiness written on the face.”Exhume old spirit if LAN, mountain flowers such as embroidered grass such as Yin.”At 9 o ‘clock on January 22, in the new rongdong area Of Lanyin garden, Rongcheng County, Dahe Town Xili village Party branch deputy secretary Yuan Fangzhen is on the computer to verify the village epidemic prevention and control situation, notice the third injection to strengthen the needle.Although moved to the community, the village “two committees” cadres still play an important role in the resettlement.After busy work in the village, he came to his rental ready to operate daily stores, check the decoration.”It’s a good location and it’s not far from home. You can run errands at home and help your spouse take care of the store. Life will definitely get better.”Yuan fangzhen is confidently planning for the future.(Hebei Daily reporter Zhang Weiya) Pay attention to Hebei News network, learn the latest news in Hebei.

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