Be a good enterprise “service officer”!The Rural revitalization Team of Geze Village, Benhao Town, Lingshui boosted the landing of featured industries

In the clean aseptic processing workshop, more than a dozen female wool pickers concentrate on “carping” in each feather swallow (the original state of bird’s nest before processing) to produce the white swallow, which is the most patient part of the bird’s nest production process.On February 10, the bird’s nest preliminary processing demonstration base in Geze Village, Benhao Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous County ushered in the New Year’s busy.Zhang Zhonghui, head of the village’s rural revitalization team, told Hainan Daily that bird’s nest production is just the tip of the iceberg.As a featured industry to help rural revitalization, the project will take Gezar Village as the core, integrate the surrounding agricultural and forestry resources, and create an innovative resort with the theme of swiftlet and the integration of rural tourism, traditional Chinese medicine health care and rural b&B.When fully completed, the project will employ 1,500 people.The swiftlet industrial project could not be settled in Gezhe Village without the “nesting and attracting swallows” of the Rural Revitalization Task Force.”In our research, we found that the development of bird’s nest industry in Hainan is not only supported by preferential policies of free trade port, but also has the advantages of ecological and tourism market.”Zhang, a resident official of Geze village dispatched by hainan provincial Department of Commerce, said the village, located at the foot of Daolao Mountain, has the right environment for swiftlets to live in.In order to introduce this high-quality project, Zhang Zhonghui and his colleagues combined with the actual work, gave full play to the functional advantages of investment attraction, led the rural revitalization team to adhere to the guidance of party building throughout the beginning of rural revitalization, and actively acted as the “service officer” of the enterprise.In the process of the “nest”, the task force active docking swiftlet breeding and ecological restoration technology leading swiftlet industry group co., LTD., hainan continents support at the same time, the county and town levels, village planning and land adjustments, continents swiftlet group and LingShui County number the government and the township government signed the investment project and the issue of land agreements,The construction of primary processing demonstration base also revitalized the idle land of central primary school.”Under the guidance and help of the provincial Department of Commerce, the task force not only promoted the progress of investment promotion and filing of the project, but also solved the difficulties and blocking points during the landing of our enterprise.”Liu Jirong, head of continental Swiftbird Industry Group, said that enterprises have officially started processing bird’s nest and will soon form production capacity, while the import of bird’s nest raw materials will further provide strong support for lingshui county’s fiscal revenue and foreign trade development.At the same time, the team members also publicized the policy of Hainan Free Trade Port to the party members in themed Party classes, and encouraged them to participate in the construction of the project consciously, allowing the swiftlets to “fly into ordinary families”.On September 1 last year, the demonstration and scientific research of the swiftbird industry project was officially launched, and the first bird’s nest industry skills training provided jobs for 49 villagers.”In addition to the guaranteed salary, the base also has five insurance-housing fund and performance, and the annual income increase can be more than 30,000 yuan.”Wang Chunmei, a resident of Geze Village, was one of the first workers to officially pick wool.In her eyes, let oneself be able to achieve employment in the canary industry project at home, more like a flying “golden phoenix”.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Wang Yingchun Editor: Li Meiqin welcome to contribute!Submission email:

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