Is there a large number of “unwarming households” in the north?Village new “ceng warm fee”, reasonable?

Compared with the north, the latitude of the south is relatively low, so in winter, the outdoor temperature is relatively higher, and most of the northern regions, once in winter, it is very uncomfortable to leave the heating.Every time it is about to enter the winter season, all parts of the north have started intensive heating preparations to ensure that people can safely through the winter.I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been very cold this year, with temperatures plummeting in many of the warmer parts of the south, not to mention in the north.Fortunately, there is heating equipment in the north, so we can live warm indoors by heating every winter.Generally speaking, the cost of central heating is higher, however, the country has corresponding subsidies for the supply of central heating in northern areas, so the pressure on the body is relatively low.But for the long winter, many people need to rely on heating equipment every day in their homes, and the cost of using heating for a long time is also very high.However, some people are smart enough not to turn on the heating of others’ homes when their neighbors turn on the heating. As this phenomenon becomes more frequent, many communities have started to compete for heating fees. However, this kind of behavior is illegal.Is there a large number of “unwarming households” in the north?Village new “ceng warm fee”, reasonable?In the era of material scarcity, many people in the north were very distressed in winter, especially in the cities of the north. Rural people had heated kang in their homes, and many people could only turn on electric blankets and hide under blankets to keep warm.Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of China’s technology and economic level, heating equipment in northern regions is gradually improved, even if the climate outside can reach more than 10 degrees below zero, as long as you return to the room, the temperature will be immediately high.Therefore also inspired many southern friends envy very much, though, after all, the southern temperature relative to a little higher, but the temperature of the house are basically the same, as long as it is in the case of not open air conditioning, very afflictive, plus now electricity can be calculated by gradient, after people have to spend a winter cost is very high.Fortunately, there are proposals for unified heating in the south, and some homes in the south are automatically installed with heating. No matter in the north or the south, if you want to keep your house warm, you have to spend money on it.After a winter, heating costs are not cheap, so many people want to take advantage of the loophole, such as their upstairs and downstairs neighbors if the home is also installed heating, they can also enjoy a warm.Because of the radiator’s residual temperature penetration is relatively strong, if the upstairs and downstairs are turned on the heating, in the middle of this part of the group, the temperature of the room is also relatively warm.Because did not spend a penny to enjoy “heating”, let a lot of upstairs downstairs residents express very dissatisfied, then look for the property to solve, the result of the property to do the solution is to levy “ceng warm fee”.But soon, the owner’s behavior was criticized by many people as unreasonable.CCTV also commented on the practice, saying it is illegal to impose a heating fee.It is well known that heat is conductive, so when the heating is turned on upstairs and downstairs, the residents of the mezzanine level will feel the temperature, which will lead to the phenomenon of “rubbing”.Although these residents really do not spend a penny to be able to enjoy the warmth, but as a residential property, is not entitled to its ceng warm fees.Although this kind of behavior has improved now, but the problem has not been solved ceng warm, someone once put forward the proposal, a heating system of welfare, in order to reduce the heating cost pressure on people, of course, do not rule out a lot of people even took the heating subsidies, but still not open central heating in the home, waiting to open central heating neighbor follow to warm myself.Indeed, heating is a thorny issue, although people turn on the heating to the annoyance of their neighbors, who are not willing to enjoy the temperature, so it is impossible for outsiders to pay for heating.Nowadays, the problem continues to spread. I believe a solution will be found one day.

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