In 2022, Yuan Bingyan will dominate the screen in three popular TV series co-star high appearance level male actor, which you are most looking forward to

Yuan Bingyan can be regarded as one of the popular flowers today, it is hard to imagine that Yuan Bingyan, who played the female protagonist of a small network drama in the “White School Flower and Big Long Legs”, can hold up a small day in the field of antique drama, not only has high attention, but also became a hot and popular star with tens of millions of fans.Now it has been less than two years since the last popular antique puppet drama “Coloured Glaze” was broadcast, and it will soon be the year of 2022 when Yuan Bingyan’s antique puppet drama will be swept the screen. Not only the drama is extremely hot, but also the male actors are more exciting than each other!First partner Zheng Yecheng starring the ancient costume drama “good ZhuQing” love “good ZhuQing” set file online broadcast on April 22, adapted from iraqis art of popular novels “my security adults”, focuses on the embodied the finals and domineering changle infanta liu ling, encounter of fighting skill gao qiang Jin Linwei Shen Yan, chasing fancy stories.In the play Zheng Yecheng played cold high cold Jin Scale Wei Shen Yan, Zheng Yecheng’s acting no matter when are very carry, can rely on the face to eat Zheng Yecheng, just with their own efforts and super acting skills for many people inside and outside the industry recognition.Whether it is spoony on fairy, ignorant love field small white, social big man, river’s lake swordsman, domineering president, he can easily grasp, accurate presentation.This “wish you good” not only outstanding male protagonists, plot setting is full of new ideas, especially female “schizophrenia” estimates are rare in the fiction world.The second partner Liu Xueyi starring just completed the fantasy love drama “falling flower season and meet the Gentleman” “Falling flower season and meet the Gentleman” adapted from shuke’s novel of the same name, tells the story of the god brocade to cross a camellia small demon red coagulation fairy, was eventually changed by the small demon, brocade was finally red coagulation into a person’s story.Xue-yi liu is play the role of male master splendid, xue-yi liu miao people after another wall is a really interesting, he plays the role of really is sweet but salt, high cold cold can also be funny and interesting, really laugh by his past a lot of work, now xue-yi liu played a splendid and high cold ao charming appearance, inner frowsty coquettish, mouth too straight delicious, must be quite interesting.Coupled with Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi two ultra high appearance level of support, the expectation index is really high.Third partner orea starring the ancient costume drama “the whole city also QingHuan” love of the whole city also QingHuan adapted from sleeping provoked laughter original ancient word novel “the king woman who dared to touch,” tells the story of north power desire “ares” nine sovereign and parallel time and space through the club livestock interns slay utterly YiQing huan between love story.Zhong Hanliang is played in North Mu “god of War” nine lords war jade wind, zhong Hanliang although older Yuan Bingyan many, but the maintenance is very carefully, so in the appearance level is no less than the current flow of small students, he is not only outstanding appearance level, acting is recognized,In particular, the 2021 broadcast partner has a can play a middle school student’s baby face Tan Songyun in “Jinxin Like Jade”, the CP sense of two people is also super, two acting appearance level double online, but also harvested good results and reputation.Now, Yuan Bingyan’s partner Zhong Hanliang is certainly more wonderful.So what are you most looking forward to in 2022 with the three upcoming series starring Yuan Bingyan, all of which are extremely popular?

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