Spring Festival holiday run high speed attention!Shandong has set up 83 expressways to compensate for traffic accidents quickly

During the Spring Festival holiday, 83 accident quick points will be set up on expressways in our province (the list is attached). Traffic accidents that meet the requirements of quick treatment should be evacuated in time and should not stay on the scene for a long time to avoid traffic congestion and secondary accidents.For those who fail to evacuate the site in time and cause traffic jam due to rapid treatment, and still refuse to evacuate after dissuasion, the party concerned will be fined 200 yuan.Highway encounters traffic accident to please keep in mind “nine words epigram” : the car pulls over, the person evacuates, namely alarm.The accident that meets the following conditions shall be quickly evacuated from the scene: 1) it only causes property damage to the vehicle or the goods carried;Second, no casualties or road production losses;Third, the vehicle can move.How to deal with traffic accident quickly?If the above three conditions are met at the same time, the driver should take 3 photos of the front, rear and contact parts of the accident, and drive the vehicle away to a place where traffic will not be affected as soon as possible.The parties concerned can use the “Traffic Management 12123” mobile phone APP to deal with the accident by themselves, or they can submit a remote application for the identification of the accident, and the police can conduct online identification, or go to the nearest accident fast point to deal with the accident.The accident shall be immediately reported to the police in the following circumstances: 1. The vehicle has no valid license plate, no inspection mark, no insurance mark; 2.Driving without a license;Third, the vehicle cannot move by itself;Four, there are drunk driving, drug driving suspicion;(5) one party escapes;6. Collision with traffic facilities, public facilities or other facilities.Guidelines for quick handling of high-speed traffic accidents: 01 After the occurrence of a traffic accident, the parties shall immediately open the danger alarm flashlight and set up a warning sign 150 meters away from the direction of the coming vehicle at the scene of the accident, and promptly organize the evacuation of the vehicle to a safe place.The parties concerned shall take photos of the scene under the principle of ensuring safety, including the scene environment, signs and lines, the position of the vehicle on the road, traces and scattered objects on the road, the overall picture and damage of the vehicle, the driver and license plate, etc.03 Check each other’s driving license, driving license, insurance and other information, keep contact information.04 Quickly evacuate the scene of the accident under the condition of ensuring safety, after the evacuation, you can use the mobile phone APP “Traffic Management 12123” to negotiate and deal with the accident by yourself, or you can submit the remote accident identification application, and the police can identify the accident online, or go to the nearest accident fast point to deal with the accident.If you find that the other party cannot provide the driving license, driving license and insurance information, you should immediately dial 122 or 12122 to report to the police after quickly evacuating to a safe place and wait for the traffic police to arrive at the scene for disposal.Attached: Shandong province highway 83 fast fast point source: Shandong traffic police

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