BMW’s X3 starts at 389,800 yuan in price

New Year welfare Spring Festival discount coming tight now BMW iX to the store multiple surprise benefits to the store come snap it up!!* Sincerity gold special gift: 299 yuan sincerity gold that send 12900 luxury gift package (imported dragon film dashcam whole car pad trunk pad foundation maintenance 4 times) ** New Year to the store gift: into the store to see the car that send New Year with hand gift *** luxury car booking gift:Car ordering customers can hit golden eggs (100% win the prize up to 4999 Millet TV), car booking free car in addition to formaldehyde **** now car exclusive gifts: some models now car supply year before the car, to achieve the New Year to open a new car * innovation BMW iX: now car to shop luxury flagship pure electric SUV booking additional BMW pull box a ** This product replacement gift:Replacement that enjoy 5 years or one hundred thousand kilometers of maintenance BMW owners replacement more opportunity to enjoy three years 0 interest *** recommended car gift: recommend customers to buy a successful maintenance or BMW pull rod box a **** group purchase special gift:2 sets of group purchase each car discount 1000 yuan, 3 sets of group purchase each discount 2000 yuan one to one exclusive VIP service, low down payment to buy a car, start a happy journey!For more details, please call: 17088176313, Address: No. 36, Section 2, Lushan Avenue, Tianfu New District, Chengdu city

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