Happy holidays | shanxi changzhi: build boost rural revitalization of local culture

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end today, the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, but the flavor of the year has not diminished, ccTV.com reported.During the Spring Festival, local custom activities are held to celebrate the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the Guochao Block in Zhenxing Town, Changzhi, Shanxi Province, is full of lively activities.The 650-meter-long pedestrian street, covering an area of about 12,000 square meters, was upgraded on the eve of the Spring Festival to fully demonstrate traditional culture and make the revitalization of the town’s scenic features more obvious.The villagers saw the prospect and joined in the rural tourism.In order to encourage rural culture to go global and help increase villagers’ incomes, local communities have developed distinctive culture and expanded and strengthened competitive industries to help revitalize rural areas.Wang Xiaojing, deputy director of shangdang District, Changzhi city, Shanxi Province, said: After the whole village is brightened, shops from north to south are opened, and the whole scenic area is more distinctive.We have increased a lot of distinctive cultural and creative products, including homestay and farmhouse entertainment, and the number of businesses has increased by two or three times. This year, the customer flow will certainly be several times more than in previous years.In Heze, Shandong province, the people of Dongmingtan district have all moved into xincun Tai community this New Year, saying goodbye to the “water nest”.Today, the entire village tai village appearance clean and hygienic, democratic and effective villagers governance, villagers have regrets that the environment has become beautiful, life has become better.In order to let the villagers have a good New Year, the State Grid Dongming County power supply company specially set up “rainbow relay station” in each village, strengthen the inspection of power supply equipment, to ensure that the people in their new homes safe and warm Spring Festival.

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