April copy, a million words

It was April day on earth.Into April, into the most beautiful April days.Looking forward to the future of time, perhaps lonely and long, I hope that after hard work, will be sunny.☆ People’s tenacity, in the face of the natural disaster, shining faint light.Human love, in front of the extreme majesty of nature, maintain a small power.☆ On the road to run for a dream, there are wind and rain, there is a lonely night.Don’t be afraid, look back, family is behind, under the beam of warm light.☆ The mountain has a peak, the lake has the other shore, in the long journey of life, all things have turn, when we feel bitter aftertaste, please believe that everything will be back to sweet.☆ If you can, please stop for life.Make time to exercise and soak up the sun.Be patient and take care of every drop of soup.May we all work hard and have leisure in our hearts.Life with heart, refueling new youth.☆ In a sense, everything in the world is met, just like, cold and warm, there is rain;Spring meets winter, and you have years;Heaven meets earth, and there is eternity;Man meets man, and there is life.☆ If you decide to bright, mountain no cover, sea no block.☆ Is the breeze, is sunset, is the heartbeat, is irreplaceable.☆ Many beautiful things in the world are not at your fingertips, after the brewing and polishing of time, waiting for the result, will appear more precious.☆ Nothing comes easy, you have to work very hard to appear effortless.☆ You are not my choice to weigh the pros and cons, but MY heartache, knowing that not for the firm.☆ People live life, just like making a poem, your success and failure are that piece of poetry, a little poetic.☆ I believe that a person who has lost his smile in the sea can never do anything.I also believe that a man who has sailed the seven seas and found his smile can be competent for any hardship.☆ Your glory alone is like the mist that sweeps over the mountains.

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