Minhang these sports venues can be booked online!Hurry up

Have you gained weight this Spring Festival?See the valiant athletes in the Winter Olympics can not help but ask yourself today you exercise?”Minhang” today on the APP again and new in the sports section not only have the minhang stadium, swimming pools and street town of qixin ling road, industrial zone of the sports venues are also joined the activity center PuHang citizens that wujing town community sports fitness center ltd.is MaQiao Town sports center, sports center qibao town sports center xin zhuang industrial park community sports center pujiang town sports centerZhuanqiao Town Sports Center Meilong town sports Center come and see!If you want to make an appointment with your partner badminton, table tennis, swimming, please make an appointment in advance.1. Download “Minhang Today” APP and click “Stadium” to enter the booking page;Description 2. Select the stadium and click to enter the page for selecting sessions;Description 3. Select the session as required, complete the real-name authentication, read the booking instructions carefully and check the box, click “Confirm” to reserve, you can use wechat Pay;Statement 4. After successful reservation, the health code or reservation code will be shown on site and verified by the entrance staff before entering the venue.Please arrive on time and do not let the venue “lonely waiting for you”. 1.Users need to complete the real-name authentication before booking the venue.2. The user can make an appointment 1 day in advance. The maximum number of appointments for a single project is 2 per day.Payment must be completed within 10 minutes after the order is generated. If the order is not paid over time, the booking will be reopened.3. Users need to show the health code or reservation code to the staff for verification before admission.If the user fails to cancel or cancel the reservation for 3 times in total within 30 days, the system will lock the account and cancel the qualification of booking the venue within the next 30 days.4. After the order is generated, the user can cancel the appointment 5 hours before the opening, and can change the appointment of the same price within 3 months.No cancellations can be made within 5 hours prior to the opening. No refunds will be made.These venues are waiting for the most passionate and lovely of you to sweat and laugh

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