Yantai High-tech Zone international Investment Cooperation with “new” more “heart”

“Thank you for the sincere service of the investment Center of high-tech Zone International Investment Attraction Industrial Park (China-Korea Yantai Industrial Park).For us to save huge manpower, material resources, financial resources and time.We truly feel the high efficiency and convenience of “Yantai High-tech”!The first time to set up a foreign company to carry out business in China, The legal representative of Korea Rongdong Teck Co., LTD.”It only took less than a year for our project to grow into a large-scale enterprise from production. In order to further expand production capacity, the second phase of the new plant is stepping up the decoration, and now the capital increase has all been in place.Yantai High-tech Zone high quality and efficient service in our eyes, warm in the heart.”Korean-funded enterprise de Hao tooth daily necessities project director introduced in media interview.”Not only does Yantai have a similar climate and natural environment to South Korea, but the people here are also very warm and helpful.For enterprises, almost all government departments have Korean-speaking talents to provide services for us, so we can feel the government’s consideration for enterprises everywhere. This is why many Korean enterprises choose Yantai.”The successful declaration for shandong province multinational headquarters of the general manager of Aidui (China) Limited company regrets.The stories behind these achievements is yantai high-tech international investment industrial park, China and South Korea (yantai) industrial park to optimize the service, makes the internationalization the epitome of the park and the stories like this is endless, 2021 park for more than 90 foreign companies provide containing project location, procedure, project examination and approval, licensing, epidemic prevention and control, such as full-service.High-tech zone: at the beginning of the New Year, the international investment industrial park, China and South Korea yantai industrial park based on the “new look, new services, new development”, continuously innovative services, in-depth company services, to help enterprises to rescue and continuously optimize the business environment, a warm heart of service line and visible effect escort enterprise steady zhiyuan.New look, enterprise service more attentively.Insisted on the blade inward, closely around implementation in the first quarter, industrial development, project construction and the investment promotion and capital introduction work, strict appraisal compaction responsibility, vigorously promotes the cadre style transformation centered, solidly carry out investment promotion ability improve, give full play to investment cadres service investment enthusiasm, dedication, to grasp the work carries out, promote the overall project ground force.We will greatly improve our professional capabilities.To carry out special business research for the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises, capital in place, personnel entry, talent declaration, etc., and be able to formulate optimal plans for different types of foreign-funded enterprises, with the fastest process, the simplest materials and the highest efficiency.Conduct foreign language training.Encourage English, French, Japanese, Korean and other foreign language talents to continuously improve their language application ability in the process of working, set up foreign language learning exchange corner, and build a learning foreign language atmosphere.Carry out the promotion ability competition.Focusing on the basic situation of Shandong Province, Yantai City and Yantai High-tech Zone, as well as the park’s investment advantages, investment costs, key investment industries, etc., we will “speak” for the park’s investment promotion, and improve the ability of investment promotion personnel and business level.Carry out a major inventory of project analysis.Regularly carry out project review meeting and project promotion analysis meeting, strengthen the overall review of previous projects, especially foreign-funded projects, exchange and summarize the experience of project promotion, put forward solutions for key bottlenecks, strengthen the control of details, implement tracking services, face up to shortcomings, take precise measures, and improve the level of project services.New service, more intimate policy door-to-door.To better serve the foreign capital enterprise development, entry procedures, attract talent, trade facilitation, financial support, tax service and other aspects and functions of the policy established by foreign enterprises service team, to understand the enterprise production and operation, personalized policy guidance scheme, solve the enterprise practical difficulties, continuously improve enterprise get feeling.Carry out door-to-door policy training activities.To protect foreigners entry convenient smooth, yantai high-tech international investment industrial park, China and South Korea in January (yantai) industrial park korean-owned enterprises established by foreign nationals entry training activities, to focus on the foreign capital enterprise, door-to-door on-site guidance enterprise according to the actual situation entry way choice, one by one, to develop solutions, won the praise of the foreign capital enterprise.We launched a New Year’s greetings for foreign entrepreneurs.To have a thorough understanding of the foreign capital enterprise development trends and demands, to further improve the work efficiency and service level, held in yantai high-tech zone foreign entrepreneurs to annual meeting, foreign enterprises and organizations together, plan for development of the enterprise on behalf of the surrounding deepen international exchanges and cooperation, promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain valuable opinions and Suggestions are put forward.Carry out cloud gathering activities with merchants.For the representatives of foreign enterprises and those in charge of foreign projects that are currently unable to come to the zone, the face-to-face communication will be changed to screen-to-screen communication, so as to attract investment “without meeting”, project tracking “continuous line”, and attract global capital, talents and projects through the online meeting room with an open and pragmatic attitude.New development, international cooperation more closely.Strong and committed, Yantai High-tech Zone International Investment Attraction Industrial Park and China-Korea (Yantai) Industrial Park have “pioneered” investment attraction and “innovated” services and policies, which “escort” the development of enterprises in the park. In 2021, 11 Manufacturing projects with Korean investment will be added, a record high.The introduction and cultivation of The Chinese headquarters of Tome, in 2020 to achieve the construction of the year, the year of operation, in the year of yantai top 100 enterprises contributing to economic and social development, 2021 successfully won the first and only Shandong provincial multinational headquarters in Yantai.2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Korea. Standing at a new starting point, Yantai High-tech Zone will accumulate new development momentum.The development of industrial chain cultivation has entered a new stage.Aitome health industrial Park is about to start construction, De Hao Tooth phase ii plant decoration, more than ten upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to discuss cooperation……The industrial chain of Domomei has gradually become a prairie fire from a spark, to build a new benchmark for China-SOUTH Korea cooperation with a sound momentum of gathering development.The integrated development of the innovation chain has created a new plateau.Substantive progress was made in scientific research institution cooperation, China and South Korea overseas collaborative innovation platform is about to start operation, through cross-border technology trade, offshore incubation cross-border cooperation of science and technology, such as converging global innovation resources, promote the transformation of scientific and technological exchanges and achievements, absorbing the merits of excellent global kechuang projects and cutting-edge technology in yantai high-tech zone into the ground.Park high-quality development to create a new ecology.International Investment Attraction Industrial Park and South Korea (Yantai) Industrial Park are the growth poles of regional economic development, as well as the window to show regional economic development. In the New Year, the park will take the construction of industrial projects and the optimization of business environment as an opportunity to continue to make efforts in policy support, platform building, industrial upgrading, talent introduction and other aspects.We will promote the introduction of innovative resources, the establishment of emerging industries, the gathering of high-quality enterprises, and the upgrading of existing industries. With the attitude of seeking common development and creating a better future, we will grow bigger and stronger and write a new chapter together.Source: Yantai High-tech Zone author: Li Wenjing Editor: Chen Nan

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