Huining Golden Arch has carried out comprehensive management of major fire risks in self-built housing business sites

On March 28, Jingong Town of Huaining County held a promotion meeting on the comprehensive management of major fire risks in self-built housing business premises. Police stations, municipal supervision offices, power supply stations, urban management squadrons and other relevant member units attended the meeting.At the meeting, the town in charge of security in charge of the production, operation, rent from the construction of housing problems in the area of analysis, research and judgment, and on the special action of the key tasks of the deployment, and clear the special action rectification roadmap and timetable.After the meeting, the special action team immediately went to the key business places with hidden dangers to carry out special fire supervision, focusing on the management of inflammable and explosive business places with major fire risks and hidden dangers.For deep draw on lessons learned recently both from larger building fire accident, production and management, to strengthen my town to rent the building fire safety work, build a fire prevention and control work foundation, combined with previous share places special governance and curb “small fire rectification action outlaws, continuous solid in the town management place great fire risk action for a comprehensive treatment program.First, seriously study the situation and strengthen organizational leadership.In order to ensure the effectiveness of the special action, Jingong Town set up a special work leading group with the main responsible comrade of the town Party Committee and government as the leader, the town responsible person as the deputy leader, and the main responsible person of all villages and relevant township units as members.Second, accurate publicity and education, find out the facts.Jingong town safety supervision office after visiting the bottom of the investigation, the town has a total of 46 self-built housing business sites, and master all the site address, the name of the owner, the number of buildings, the use of functions, the number of people to accommodate, fire fighting conditions and other information, the establishment of a working ledger, to ensure that hidden problems, rectification measures, rectification responsibility landing effect.Through carrying out face to face publicity, issuing fire protection publicity pages and signing commitment letters, the fire protection consciousness of the main business has been greatly enhanced.Third, strengthen comprehensive governance and establish a long-term mechanism.The comprehensive management of the renovation scope is: with production, business, rental properties of self-built houses, “three-in-one” places;Places with high fire risk (including hotels, shops, liquefied gas doors and other crowded places and inflammable and explosive places).Jingong Town gives full play to the platform function of the town safety committee and the consumer committee, establishes and improves consultation and judgment, mobilizes the forces of various industries and departments such as village (community) and police station to carry out joint inspection, implements comprehensive treatment of hidden dangers, and forms joint force of renovation work.The town always adhere to the overall planning of safety and development of the two major events, firmly tighten the string of fire safety, starting from a small point, with a warm attitude and pragmatic style to carry out the safety work, to ensure the town fire safety situation stability.(Feng Shufa)

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