The upcoming Global Metaverse Conference is expected to accelerate the industry’s development again

On April 20, the Global Meta-cosmic Conference will be held in Shanghai.The meeting sponsored by the Shanghai municipal government and China mobile communications association, the meeting will be by yuan universe theme report, industry leader, BBS, industry hard science and technology of BBS BBS, industrial investment, and will also be published in the conference “yuan universe V1.0 world declaration” and “the universe V1.0” industry plan, is expected to accelerate again industry development process.Since Facebook announced its entry into the Meta universe under the name Meta, the Meta universe has attracted a lot of attention and relevant policies have been introduced.In December 2021, it was written into the “14th Five-year Plan of Shanghai Electronic Information Industry Development”.In January 2022, it was successively written into the local government reports of Hefei and Wuhan.According to China Fortune Securities Research report, the market size of the metasexes is expected to increase from usd 87.9 billion in 2020 to USD 6390.6 billion in 2030 (compound growth rate of 55%), among which the global metasexes market size is expected to reach USD 280 billion in 2022.According to the financial Union theme database, related listed companies:Unitoriental holds part of the equity of VRC, a VR content creation company in the United States, and is the largest shareholder of VRC. VRC is mainly engaged in story-driven VR content creation. The company is actively building a VR industry ecosystem with “technology + content + scene” as the core, and is one of huawei’s content partners in VR.Blue Cursor set up a subsidiary of metauniverse business, which will integrate the company’s existing virtual live broadcast room, virtual IP operation related resources and teams.Related stock Unitrust Orient +7.36% blue cursor +0.96%

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