The 2022 Spring Teacher basketball Match of Liangcai School has come to a successful conclusion

On March 11th, when the final whistle sounded, the score was frozen at 37:41. Although the union group 5 (primary school preschool, grade 1, grade 2 and Grade 3) lost the game, they still won the championship of men’s group in the spring 2022 Teachers’ basketball Competition of Luxian Liangcai School with a record of three wins and one loss. All the competitions came to a successful end.In the girls’ division, which ended on March 10, the union Division 4 (Grade 456) won the championship with a clean sweep with a 5-4 win.The teachers basketball game organized by the school’s trade union, a total of five trade union groups, points men’s and women’s teams in the round robin, women’s group using three-person competition system.After two weeks and 20 games, union group 5 and Union Group 4 won the male and female division.The first match of the competition was held on March 1st. Xiong Xingquan, the principal of the school, kicked off the match himself and played in all the subsequent matches of the Union Group 1. He showed his courage and courage, which set a standard for the competition and added luster to the competition.The competition of the men’s team is always carried on in the fierce confrontation and wonderful showmanship.Because each team 5 members, there can be 3 physical education teachers, therefore, skills competition, passionate collision often become the main melody of the game.The score staggered and the game was tied.Speed rush, move to the basket, turn hook, alley-oop, precision pass, long shot 3…Active attack, strict defense, wonderful cooperation, clever tackling, accurate long-range shot, attracted round of applause, cheers and shouts from teachers and students around the stadium, the stadium is often instantly exploded.If the men’s game is fast and furious, the women’s game is sport and fun.For the female teachers who seldom exercise, the ball game has become a good chance for them to enjoy the happiness of sports.Dribble hard and shoot hard.The dribble wasn’t slick enough and the shots weren’t precise enough, but the fighting was intense enough and there were falls.There is no flash to move the layup, there is no accurate elegant air catch, but there is a bright smile and unyielding rhythm of Youth.The spring sun shines with thousands of flowers, and the stadium is crowded with competitors.Women not to beard, female teachers indomitable sports spirit also won the crowd of teachers and students cheers, become the most beautiful scenery in the basketball arena.The old teachers are vigorous, and the young teachers are full of vigor and vitality.Throughout the competition, the participating teachers fought hard, the game out of the style, the game out of the level, as the referee physical education teacher is serious referee, fair and just.The whole event is always full of youthful and harmonious atmosphere.

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