The female shop assistant stole more than 5.3 million yuan in 16 months. The mistake was greed

The police in Ruian, Wenzhou, received a report from a shop owner, who suspected it was stolen because there were two transfers of a total of 50,000 yuan from his account when he collected the money at the end of the year.Police quickly located a female shop assistant.According to the investigation, the woman stole more than 5.3 million yuan from her account in the store in 16 months through the same means.Police in the shop assistant Wu home found a variety of brand watches, bags, cosmetics, a total of 16 bags, eight boxes, the total value of more than one million yuan, a total of 390 clothes, 260 a pair of pants, 73 pairs of shoes, 38 bags, there are 8 glasses, 16 necklaces, there are countless cosmetics.At present, the suspect Wu mou has been detained because of suspected larceny, the rest of the police are fully recovered.The clerk was so bold, the store was so powerful, and the owner was so careless. If he had discovered it earlier, the store would not have lost so much.This woman will not because of repeated success, more and more unbridled, and the bottom of the prison sit wear, some times really is the loopholes of the enterprise, greedy people think found a secret channel, step by step to the abyss.But this is not the fault of the shop, some people see loopholes to fill, some people see loopholes to exploit, so there is nothing wrong with the loopholes – what is wrong is greed, luck, cunning.

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