Us army’s sixth generation aircraft revealed?Unidentified flying object appears in mysterious Area 51 with no tail

Although these days is our Spring Festival and the winter Olympics, but some military news international did not stop, but again a few big news, and the nature of public concern is higher is the most mysterious also is one of the most famous “area 51” the air force air force base, groom lake by satellite photographed on an airport,It was then released to the public by MILITARY enthusiasts in the United States. It would have been nothing if it had been an ordinary satellite photo, but this satellite photo of a mysterious aircraft has attracted widespread attention from military enthusiasts at home and abroad and even some foreign media reports.Satellite photos show that the hangar is located in the remote southernmost part of The Muff Lake Air Force Base. Construction on the hangar actually began in 2014, but it has been sitting there without any information until the last few days.In satellite images, one shape and its special, even science fiction spacecraft looms in the huge white next to the hangar, the type of aircraft in the left side of the ramp, whole machine is a large transparent canopy cover, it is also because the transparent hangar, we can see the shape of this mysterious craft.Unlike any other fighter aircraft in service, the aircraft is triangular in shape, but has wings that protrude diagonally from each side of the fuselage and no tail fins.The popular opinion is that the mysterious new aircraft is likely to be the NGAD(Next Generation Air Master) fighter, which the US military claims will make its first flight in 2020.Mysterious American area 51 everyone more or less all already know, the most famous and also the most mysterious and research all kinds of advanced fighter skunk factory is also located here, this mysterious region has born the nightingale F – 117, SR – 71 blackbird, F – 22 raptor vote, such as advanced fighter, has always been considered as some mysterious research plan,And silence so launched the suspected sixth-generation fighter aircraft also makes sense.This type of aircraft as the above said, adopted double delta wing aerodynamic layout, this layout has only appeared on the F – 16 xl technology demonstration, and the wing of the airplane in the circular arc transition process, the design is clearly in preparation for the supersonic, but for the sake of clarity from the satellite map cannot see whether the engine and cockpit.In terms of size, this type of fighter is bigger than the F-22 in the US army. In the measurement of foreign military fans, the size of the aircraft is about 19.8 meters, which is more consistent with the size of a fighter jet.Now, of course, we can’t see things from the satellite map, can only understand roughly shape, another is the satellite map shows the information itself is very suspicious, since it is highly confidential machine six generations, and the mysterious area 51, its secrecy work should be done in place, now that we have produced a series of mysterious fighter,At least it will not be easily photographed by civilian satellites. From the picture, the aircraft is placed in a transparent hangar, with no one beside it and no other test equipment, which is obviously a more suspicious thing.Therefore, it is still debatable whether it was deliberately displayed as a “strategic bluff” or a serious advanced fighter.However, it is certain that, as our opponent, the United States must have been sprinting toward the goal of the sixth generation of aircraft, the current five generation of aircraft, F-22 and F-35 has been born because of China’s J-20 and J-35 and the advantages are no longer, the United States has always taken us as the main rival is bound to continue to maintain their advantages,Plus as an established a base of aerospace power, towards six generation machine sprint is inevitable, and that mysterious craft also happens in shape with the previously reported “dominate the next generation air fighter” consistent technical characteristics, such as the design of the double delta wing can juggle fighter flight performance at full speed, no tail design can enhance the capacity of stealth fighter,Dominate the next generation air fighter program, this design without vertical tail is one of the best way to let the stealth fighter to achieve full band, in addition the six generation machine plan early appeared in our fighters – 20 after it has been started, all, also it is high time to its appearance, so according to current theories, parked on the airport, was photographed on purpose vehicle,It is also likely to be one of NGAD’s technical validators.For us, the US military showed the sixth generation of fighter is indeed a very noteworthy thing, at present our J-20 has almost finished all, and J-35 is also smooth, it is already over the threshold of the fifth generation of aircraft, but even if we try to catch up, the opponent also did not stop.Before our J-20 deputy chief division revealed the basic development direction of our country’s next generation fighter, also can be regarded as a reassuring, but really to reach or even surpass our opponent, or a long way to go, but we have always believed that under the continuous efforts of our military personnel, this day will not be far away.

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