Ioc’s Bach: Beijing Winter Olympics made history with technology

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said the Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first “Cloud-based Olympics” in Olympic history, making new history with technology.”The potential of technology is amazing, and for the first time in the history of the Olympics, we’ve really tapped into that potential,” he said, referring to the organizing committee’s partnership with Aliyun, which will broadcast the Games around the world.According to introducing, the Beijing Olympics is the first in the history of the one hundred Olympic “Olympics” on the cloud, will not only the core of the performance, the broadcast of the event of the Olympic Games, information release system migration to ali cloud, and adopt the Olympic broadcasting services (OBS) and ali cloud makes together around the world on “Olympic broadcasting cloud”,Will bring more than 6,000 hours of content to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Bach believes the History of the Winter Olympics will be written.He noted that the potential of technology is amazing and opens up so many new possibilities for the Olympics, “and this is the first time in history that these possibilities have been explored.”Application of Bach singled out the Olympic broadcast cloud, cloud will on many editing and broadcasting work moved to the cloud, “we built a professional broadcast of the Olympic Games cloud, can benefit from broadcasters, broadcast cloud can provide more services, in this way in headquarters or its broadcast, so that it can reduce the carbon footprint of the Olympic Games.”It is reported that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be broadcast in 4K and will be transmitted to the world in real time through the Ali Cloud.For the first time in Olympic history, the games will be streamed live around the world in the cloud, enabling more work to be done remotely and a richer viewing experience, bringing movie-style “bullet time” to the games’ broadcasts.

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