Rongxian County Consumers’ Council held a symposium on “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day

In order to build a solid base of consumption, steady consumer rights rudder, further improve our county consumer environment, enhance consumer satisfaction, recently, the county’s consumer council in the county market supervision bureau held “3·15” international consumer rights day symposium, the council member units, banks, more than 20 people in charge of enterprises to attend the meeting.At the meeting, Gan Honglian, deputy director of the County Market Supervision Administration, read the meaning and theme of the 2022 consumer Rights Protection Year “Jointly promoting consumer justice”.It points out that the consumption fairness is the value basis of realizing the legal rights and interests of consumers, guides the operators to firmly establish the value concept of “science and technology for goodness”, strengthens the protection of special groups, and realizes the wider consumption fairness.In the area of consumption, we will strengthen efforts to stop food waste, constantly improve the concept of national conservation, and advocate a green and low-carbon lifestyle.The market Supervision Administration, The Health Administration, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Administration, the Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Administration, the member units of the Consumers’ Council respectively held a discussion on the work of protecting consumer rights in 2021 and the work plan of protecting consumer rights in 2022, and discussed the legal norms and effective handling of consumer complaints and reports.Meeting clearly, council members unit should change ideas, get the function localization, intensify supervision law enforcement, maintain the market order of fair competition, to urge enterprises to carry out the principal responsibility, positive initiative to resolve consumer demands, online and offline customer complaints handling, effectively protecting the legal rights and interests of consumers, enhance consumer satisfaction.The meeting laid a solid foundation for the protection of consumer rights and interests in 2022.In the next step, the county consumers’ Committee, the county Market Supervision Bureau and the member units will further implement the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests”, jointly create a fair, safe and safe consumption environment, and constantly improve the people’s happiness and satisfaction in the consumption field.The development of Rong County needs our joint efforts, and the achievements of development need our common care.Please be patient when you receive the survey call (0771-12340) from Guangxi Polling Center, answer every question comprehensively, objectively and fairly, and praise the continuous improvement of the public security environment in Rong County!Your affirmation is our biggest power, we work together to build a safe, legal, harmonious society, create a better future.

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