China goalkeeper picks up the ball 3 times in Vietnam headlines!Vietnamese media posted a photo of him collecting the ball from the goal for the third time

National goalkeeper Yan Junling has made headlines in Vietnam (below) for picking the ball out of his own goal three times during a match against Vietnam.Vietnamese media put him pick up the ball photos out!In the eighth round of the round of 12, China would have lost to Vietnam by three goals in an unprecedented manner had Xu Xin not scored a face-saving goal in the last minute.In the past, we could easily beat southeast Asian opponents with simple headers, and the national football team was once nicknamed “China’s top team” by fans.But years later, the “head team” ceased to exist.Not only that, in the face of Vietnam team was actually also opponents with a header goal.Is alleged, feng shui turns…….After the match, authoritative website SofaScore rated the Chinese players (above).Looking at the Chinese players’ ratings, the Vietnamese media said that Chinese players who dropped the ball in a row received “catastrophic ratings”, especially for defensive players who received low ratings.The article began by commenting on Yan Junling’s performance, saying the Chinese goalkeeper had scored the lowest score of 5.9 and “could do little with all three goals conceded by the home team”.Yan Junling’s condition declined significantly in the past two years, especially during the big 12 tournament, his ability was seriously questioned by the outside world, which was called “shooting dead” by fans.But strange is, whether the former national football coach Li Tie or the current coach Li Xiaopeng, all without exception reuse him.Logically, Li Xiaopeng should have seen Yan Junling in the 12 strong competition before he took office, why he did not remove Yan Junling, wang Dalei or Liu Dianzuo?Is the status and ability of these two people less than Yan Junling?In the second picture of this article (above), a photo of Yan Junling picking up the ball from his own goal is selected, and the caption of the picture states that this is the third time That Yan Junling has picked up the ball.Who is this supposed to humiliate?National football team or Yan Junling?Or let Yan Junling when the main goalkeeper Li Xiaopeng?As for Zhu chenjie, who also received a failing mark like Yan, the article said he played a disastrous 90 minutes and was “confused by the situation in which Vietnam’s attacking players switched positions.”That is to say, Vietnam offensive players frequently change position so that the national defender is not adapted to, do not know what to do.Wang scored the most points among China’s defenders (6.9), but commenting on his performance, Yue media said the 32-year-old had more touches and made more successful tackles, but “allowed Ho Tien Tai to head a goal in a rare losing argument”.Referring to China’s offensive performance, the article said the Chinese team scored only one goal despite 11 shots on goal, while Vietnam scored three goals from six shots.The article also misidentified Xu as the team’s captain, saying he had scored the team’s highest score (7.2) and that an injury-time goal was one of the few bright spots in the game.In the score, Luo Guofu and Alan score is not high, but another naturalized Dai Weijun has got the team’s second high score (7.1 points).Not only did four naturalized international players start at the same time, they lost more miserably.What does that tell us?This shows that football is more than just piling up naturalised players!With naturalized national players, we should also have a set of effective kicks, otherwise the two ends of the attack and defense is like a piece of sand, is naturalized Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also useless.The foundation of Chinese football is not solid, even if there is naturalization is futile, unless most of the players on the field are naturalized national foot.The problem of Chinese football is not a problem that can be solved simply by naturalization.Facing the weakest opponent in the group, the goalkeeper picked up the ball from the goal for 3 times. According to the real strength of both sides, The National football team should not have played so badly, nor should it have lost so miserably.I believe that in the future, when China meets Vietnam again, Yan Junling will continue to humiliate China by his opponents when he picks up the ball from the goal.

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