Sanqin earth strong flavor | like the Spring Festival transport unusual adherence

Xi ‘an, February 4 (Reporter Zhang Wei, correspondent Chen Xiangwei) During the Spring Festival, there are a group of people fighting at their posts as usual to escort the Spring Festival transport. It is their persistence that brings back the reunion of all families and makes the New Year’s festival more intense for more people.For railway workers, the Spring Festival is the hardest time to stick to their jobs. They cannot get together with their families while watching the reunion of thousands of people.But also just had their adherence, just can let the New Year taste of sanqin earth appear thicker.February 2nd, the second day of Chinese New Year.The Spring Festival travel rush under normal epidemic prevention and control is bound to be an unusual one.Xia Peiyu, a passenger carrier working in lintong Railway Station, has a deep understanding of this point.Returning home for family reunions during the Spring Festival is a very common Chinese tradition.This Spring Festival, affected by the local epidemic and local epidemic in Xi ‘an, “Spring Festival in place” and “off-peak travel” will become the mainstream of traditional Chinese people’s travel.”As a railway passenger service worker, I can understand the Spring Festival at such a special time this year.”Xia pei-yu said, wearing goggles, gloves and a mask.Xia peiyu, who lives in Weinan, has not been back home for a month since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Xi ‘an just before the Spring Festival travel rush. She is destined to spend this Spring Festival at her post.What mattered most to her was her two children.Xia Peiyu is spraying disinfectant at the station during the Spring Festival. (Photo by Chen Xiangwei, CGN) Her 2-year-old daughter looks strange in video chats because she hasn’t seen her mother for a long time.But in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection, xia’s family members all supported her decision. Her mother-in-law said, “Please keep your mind on your work. Don’t worry about your family because I am at home.”Put the 32-year-old mother’s mind at ease.Xia’s seven-year-old son, who is in first grade, doesn’t know exactly what he does every day, but he does know that “she works at the railway station where the Terracotta Warriors and Horses are seen. She often has to help passengers get on and off the train, and she has to help people with their luggage. She has to walk a lot to finish her work.””I hope I can infect my children unconsciously and plant a seed of helpfulness and kindness in their hearts from an early age.”Xia pei-yu smiled as she said that her son had helped other students at school and had won a certificate of “learning from Lei Feng”.Since she started working at Lintong Railway Station in 2014, Xia Peiyu has to shuttle between Lintong and Weinan by car almost every day.”Because I love this job in my heart, I am happy in this job, I cherish this job and it has changed me a lot.”From 8 o ‘clock in the morning to 8 o ‘clock in the evening, xia Peiyu and her colleagues in charge of the day shift almost have no rest time, she has to patrol the platform, waiting hall, exit back and forth, at any time to guide passengers to help get on and off the train, to ensure the safety of every passenger.Xia peiyu, who was shy and a little shy at the beginning, now becomes outgoing and talkative in communication with passengers, gaining confidence and growth. She also has a deeper sense of belonging to railway work.”I spend more time with my colleagues than I do with my family. My colleagues help each other more than family. We have a good relationship and fully support the Chinese New Year.”Xia and her colleagues stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival, which has been her fifth consecutive Spring Festival.”On New Year’s Eve, my colleagues on duty brought some dishes from home to celebrate with us. Although I couldn’t get together with my family, I didn’t feel lonely at all. I felt warm with my colleagues.Xia peiyu said.Editor: Wenwen

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