Patience must be learned in life

Patience is the tempering of the will and the accumulation of explosive power. It is breaking through the net of heaven and earth with silent struggle and melting the hard ice with invisible flame.Work hard in patience, pursue with perseverance in patience, and comprehend life more deeply in patience.”Genius is nothing but patience!Efforts!”Patience: is the temper of the will, the accumulation of explosive power patience is a kind of self-cultivation, can reflect the tolerance of human nature, and can reflect the quality of a person.In fact, “a small amount of forbearance is a big mess” and “when it is necessary to move” are two situations, the limit of patience is difficult to define, sometimes, forbearance and forbearance is just a moment of choice.Everyone has his own way of life and living standards, and patience is a kind of knowledge of dealing with people.For the same situation, if we make reasonable use of forbearance, we are likely to be praised by people; if we can’t restrain ourselves without forbearance, we are likely to be dishonored by people.For example, it is common to be stepped on or slightly bumped in a public place. If you can’t stand it and lash out, your “inpatience” will be reviled.Patience is sometimes a kind of painful training, through purgatory torture and the sword in the heart.Patience is affected by time, occasion, self-cultivation and human factors. The degree of patience can only be controlled by individuals.Learn patience, we learn tolerance;Learn patience, we learn to respect;Learn to endure, we understand the meaning of struggle;Learn patience, we will see the dawn of success!

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