Reliability Ceiling: Verto and the Maritime Industry discuss China’s “Ship Theory”

The age of Navigation, which began at the end of the 15th century, linked the world and was one of the most important historical steps in the progress of human civilization.In the 21st century, in the development trend of global interconnection and Intelligent manufacturing in China, the shipbuilding industry has ushered in a high-energy development prospect.Smart ships, low-carbon shipping, security and stability…The era has given the shipbuilding industry new development needs, promoting the rapid development of ship development, design, construction, operation, maintenance and other full life cycle.Vitto is an important partner in the maritime industry, helping companies to meet new challenges in their entire life cycle.Whether offshore or onshore, Vitto provides comprehensive and professional support in port technology and shipping, providing integrated and individual packaging solutions with quality standardized components for packaging and casing technology for maritime applications.You can find vertu solutions in the open sea or near shore, in harsh offshore environments, and in onshore delivery centers. Vertu’s innovative technologies and products ensure the stability and safety of operations in the maritime industry.Immovable – Extremely stable, easily withstanding Force 10 winds Whether in calm or rough seas, international shipping often faces the dual pressures of corrosion and humidity.In these environments, it is critical to use products designed and finished to meet the required requirements.1, Witto can provide a complete size, and fully meet the requirements of the packaging system, to ensure the safety of the controller and switch device, including small packaging, large packaging, and cabinet products.2. Vitto’s top computer control concept ensures comprehensive monitoring of the physical security of infrastructure with supports and packages.3, after rigorous laboratory testing, Weitu technology has obtained UL and other international certification, to provide customers with reliable safety protection.Classification societies (design specifications, survey, equipment certification) poor environment?Due to the particularity of the Marine environment, the shipbuilding industry has special requirements for materials such as steel plate, aluminum zinc alloy and stainless steel, etc. Witto’s rich product line can properly match these requirements.At the same time, the surface processing of Wittu cabinet system products is also very famous in the industry. The unique nano ceramic surface treatment replaces the traditional iron phosphating technology, making the surface extremely smooth when spraying, so as to significantly improve the anti-corrosion protection ability of spraying surface, meeting the anti-corrosion requirements of C4H and so on.Protection grade IP66\ IP69K effectively protect ship operation components, help prolong service life and resistance.The sea is super harsh, high in salt and humidity?Not afraid, Weitu system products are easy to deal with!Explosion-proof, earthquake-resistant, EMC — Reliable sea protector The need for ATEX explosion-proof, earthquake-resistant, EMC packaging is particularly urgent in order to deal with the different risks of explosion, vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc., present in the compartments in different areas of the ship.To ensure the safety of ship equipment, Veto adheres to its strict standards, adopting tested packaging concepts and meeting international ship safety standards to meet the stringent requirements of potentially extreme environments.In addition, The global operation network of Vitu ensures that customers can get prompt and timely after-sales service when sailing through any country, and staunchly guards the safety of customers.ATEX explosion-proof, earthquake-resistant and EMC packages are needed to deal with the risks of explosion, vibration and electromagnetic interference in different compartments in different areas of the ship.The rise of the world’s great powers all started with shipbuilding and skimming the oceans.China has entered the ranks of the world’s shipbuilding powers, international competitiveness has reached the world’s first-class level, and witnessed the rise and fall of The Times, engraved the eternal industrial development of the country.With internationalized standard products and services and rich experience in navigation industry, Weitu helps Chinese ship customers to stride forward to high-end manufacturing enterprises and witness the “ship theory” of China together.Weitu is always by your side!

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