Known as a small version of “tule”, has more than 80,000 concessions, the whole system 2.0T+8 gears, configuration conscience

In China, when talking about the conscience of the medium-sized SUV, perhaps the most thought in people’s minds is Envision. Although this model does not belong to the standardized medium-sized SUV in a sense, buick family calls this model as the medium-sized SUV in terms of domestic positioning. The key vehicle is based on the guiding price of 189,900 yuan.After the discount, the final land price only needs more than 160,000 yuan, which can fully reflect the cost performance of this model in China by comparing with other joint venture medium-sized SUVs of the same level.However, in the same level of luxury SUV market, Mercedes GLC, Audi Q5L and BMW X3 have always occupied most of the vertical market, and their sales of Cadillac XT5 and Navigator second-line luxury brands have been very good. After the domestic discount, their sales are controlled at about 5000 units. To be honest,For a luxury brand of more than 300,000, such sales data has been a majority of the popular products.And today I and everybody said the leading role of also enough, it’s from the high-end luxury nissan family brand “infiniti QX50”, the model in terms of the quality of mechanical over other first-line luxury brands, all department introduction is 2.0 T + 8 gear, the vehicle for other configuration, is also introduction to the high, let us together to look down.In terms of its positioning infiniti QX50 has also been a lot of people called the trumpet “road”, just there is some difference between level, anyway, waiting for you to finish see this model of the static effect, you will find in it is really a way to figure, face before use and family-based square into grid design, has also joined the silver trim package edge around,To be honest, I don’t like such front face design, I feel that in 2022, such front face design language seems to go back to the last century, coupled with the ugliest logo of the family, if I buy a car in the 4S shop, I will not look at this model.As for the LED lights on both sides, it also adopts long and narrow inserts and supports a variety of adjustment mode combinations. Although it looks ugly, at night, if you don’t look at the whole front face design, it is true that the whole vehicle lights show the effect consistent with the positioning of domestic luxury medium-sized SUV.When it comes to the side of the body, the width of this model is more than 1.9 meters, and the other length and wheelbase also reach 4705mm and 2798mm. Combined with the large aluminum alloy wheels of R20 and R19, the whole vehicle can be recognized in the street. For such body design, IT really makes me see the breath of its brother “Tulle”.Into the interior effect in terms of average vehicle in interiors, after all, is established in our domestic cars, or ordinary car brand, in the interior sense of science and technology are very general, and other car in the U.S. and South Korea, law system, but in the interior of the infiniti QX50 give us all a kind of old flavor, vehicle used is symmetrical patterns,The two screens reach 7 inches and 8 inches in size, and the central control screen below has a common button design, which further increases the practicality and touch effect of the vehicle.In addition, we can also see the rear air outlet, 360 panoramic image, HUD display, monochrome atmosphere lights, full-speed adaptive cruise, rear seats, 17 BOSE speakers, electric induction trunk, etc., so that the vehicle is very conscience in configuration.The key is that the whole vehicle is equipped with 2.0T engine in three major configurations. Although it is divided into high and low power, there is not a big difference in horsepower effect. 2.0T can blast 261Ps and 245Ps in total, combined with CVT continuously variable transmission (simulated 8-gear), and 380N·m in other torque effect.The torque values are the same for both high and low power.Because part of the version with four-wheel drive system, so there is also a partial gap in the comprehensive fuel consumption, the official fuel consumption between 7.8L – 8.2L, measured in the urban traffic jam, fuel consumption is almost 10 or so.After we have seen all the product strengths and advantages of this luxury medium-sized SUV, as for the price range of the whole vehicle, although the guide price of the whole vehicle is between 333,800 and 469,800, the comprehensive discount of this model in Henan province reaches more than 80,000. After a series of discounts, the naked car price is more than 250,000.Such price range for a medium-sized luxury SUV, is really full of sincerity.So what do you want to say about the infiniti QX50 with its great discount and low sales?

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