141,800, compact SUV, not much rear room, real Toyota C-HR

I believe we all know that Toyota has enjoyed good sales since it entered the domestic market, and its various models are more blooming. Some classic models have touched the hearts of Chinese consumers. However, in one of Toyota’s models,Having such a car is always difficult to sell, mainly a young trend, that is the Toyota C-HR, positioning compact SUV, so why did not sell?The Toyota C-HR has a youthful, stylish exterior design that looks radical.Its front face is matched with large and small polygonal air intake grille, the front surrounded on both sides of the big light shape is very exaggerated, and the size is also very large, looks very recognizable.The tail is very sporty and layered.The top model is equipped with a large size of the reveal story, especially its rotating rear surround design is also flexible flow, looks very recognizable.On the side, the C-HR is 4390/1795/1565mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2640mm and front and rear tires of 215/60 R17.On the seats, the Toyota C-HR series is a combination of sporty leather and imitation leather, which are standard in the whole car, and are quite comfortable.The main driver supports the function of electric adjustment, while co-driving is only an auxiliary hand adjustment.The rear row of the Toyota C-HR car is ample enough to handle the travel needs of daily life.In addition, the car is equipped with rear head air bags and rear side air bags.In terms of power, Toyota c-hr is equipped with oil-electric hybrid system, equipped with 2.0-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 146 HP, peak engine torque 188N·m, comprehensive motor power 109 HP, total motor 202 N·m, with e-cvt continuously variable transmission, maximum speed 175km/h.Integrated fuel consumption 4.5L industrial oil volume.Comments: The Toyota C-HR has retractable rear seats that allow for plenty of room, flexibility and pragmatism.It is worth looking forward to in terms of overall and all-round excellent performance, and I believe it will be a good choice for you.

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