Without Gu’s talent and her family of origin, how can ordinary people work hard?

Recently, gu Ailing, a gifted girl and beautiful student with excellent grades, flooded the screen.What is more dramatic is that IT was through Douyin that I got to know gu’s success story for the first time.Gu took one year to complete the two-year high school course, scored 1580 out of 1600 on the SAT and was admitted to Stanford University.In the women’s freestyle skiing platform of the Winter Olympic Games, Gu Ailing successfully won the gold medal for the first time in the challenge of 1620. She is tall and tall, looks like a half-breed and has a natural sense of fashion, which enabled her to win more than 20 endorsements, including some luxury brands. She is a girl with all-round excellence in virtue, intelligence, body and beauty.Gu Ailing is too excellent, too perfect, big female zhu shuang wencai existence of the proud girl of the day, so that many ordinary passers-by like xiaobian envy, ashamed.But what many people don’t realize is that one’s success is not an accident, but the accumulation of several generations of people, and it is also dependent on personal discipline, hard work and hard work.Gu’s father graduated from Harvard University and her mother from Peking University and Stanford university.Parents’ CVS alone are already several dimensions beyond the average person.Nowadays, people like “chicken baby”. In fact, it is the parents who decide the starting line of their children. “chicken baby” is not as good as “chicken themselves”.We may not be as good as Gu and her parents, after all, they are one in a million.But we can start from their own, from now on to work hard, not to their early limits, for their own place.After graduating from Peking University, Gu’s mother went to the United States for further study. She went to Stanford to study MBA and worked in investment banking. After that, gu came back to China to start her own business.Looking back at themselves and the people around them, many classmates and friends get married early and have children, wholeheartedly return to the housewife, husband and children, live a stable life from 9 to 5.At the age of 30, they are content with their destiny, their days are over at a glance, and their only ambition is to nurture their children into talents.We can’t choose our family of origin, we can’t change it.But what we can change is ourselves. It’s never too late to start with our own generation and pave the way for future generations.So maybe when it comes to their children and grandchildren, even if they can’t cultivate a “Gu Ailing”, they can always be social elites.And if you even know Gu Ailing started from Douyin, isn’t it ironic?Every day addicted to brushing douyin, playing games, chasing idol dramas such as “nipple music” can not extricate themselves, how to talk about efforts?What qualifications to envy the success of others?Instead of hiding behind your phone and silently envying others, take action, turn off the Internet right now, and do something truly worthy of your efforts and investment. Strive to improve yourself, hide your talents, and wait for the day when you can wow the people around you.Just as Gu Ailing said, people are not necessarily trying to beat others, but to break through themselves and challenge the limit.As long as you are making progress, even if you are making a little progress every day, it is something to rejoice and celebrate.Man’s worst enemy is not others but himself.6, I believe that those really strong people, not in the waste of time to self-pity, complaining about social injustice, but to do their present can do things, the rest to time and fate, will be rewarded.Not everyone has to be “Gu Ailing”, nor does it need to be.As long as people can break through their own, practical self-discipline, and strive for progress, it is worthy of admiration, do not have to envy others, we can also become their own “hero”!

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