The wife suffers from cancer be in hospital, the husband is idle nothing also go checking, result illness is more serious than the wife!This “husband and wife cancer” is on the rise, doctors say……

For Ding, 57, this Spring Festival has been a rollercoaster of emotions.More than a month ago, I was just diagnosed with early colon cancer and underwent endoscopic treatment.Holding the mood of “just in case”, her husband, who was accompanying her in bed, had a colonoscopy by the way. Unexpectedly, there was a big problem with the examination. The situation was even more serious than his own.Husband and wife suffer from same kind of cancer, both enter a hospital, can cancer also infect?Stool is more and more fine a check turned out to be cancer Ms. Ding now in retrospect, in fact, everything has an inkling, two years ago, she found her stool thin, and irregular, constipation from time to time.This has happened occasionally before and has not been taken to heart.But this year, her symptoms suddenly worsened. She had abdominal pain and bloating for months. Finally, she went to a local hospital for a colonoscopy, which found colon cancer.Horrified, Ding rushed to the Department of Gastroenterology, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Province.The doctor who saw her did some more tests.Fortunately, her colon cancer was early and only required ESD treatment under an endoscope, which saved her from surgery.And that was just the beginning of the tragedy.During Ms. Ding’s hospital stay, her husband Mr. Huang (alias) in bed, thinking of their own idle is idle, after all, 59 years of life has never done a colonoscopy, so he took the initiative to do a colonoscopy, as a physical examination.But after a series of tests, it was discovered that he also had colon cancer, and pathological results showed that his colon cancer was more serious than his wife’s, so he had to undergo surgery.Subsequently, Mr. Huang was transferred to the city of a hospital gastrointestinal anal surgery, lesions were removed, fortunately, the operation was smooth.Mr. Huang was terrified: “a blessing in disguise, if it weren’t for his wife’s illness, I wouldn’t go to do an examination, and the consequences would be unimaginable if the delay continued.”Within half a month, Both Ms. Ding and Mr. Huang were diagnosed with bowel cancer. The doctor who treated them said, “There are more and more cases of this kind of ‘husband and wife cancer’, especially in recent years.Colorectal cancer is not a family disease, but it is common for both husband and wife to suffer from it.Cancer isn’t contagious. It’s contagious. “Why do we both fall for it?”Husband and wife both suffer from cancer in the heart often have such doubts, can cancer also infect?Doctors say that marital cancer does not mean that cancer can be transmitted between husband and wife.Bowel cancer itself is not contagious, and it is often bad lifestyle habits that give cancer an opportunity.Clinically, it is often found that if one spouse has colorectal cancer, the other spouse’s risk of colorectal cancer will greatly increase.This is because, after the living habits of husband and wife run in for many years, often very close, one party may cause cancer of bad living habits, easy to influence the other side imperceptibly.After a detailed inquiry, the doctor believes that their “husband and wife cancer” and diet habits have a lot to do with.It is understood that Ms Ding and Mr Huang are heavy taste, usually like to eat bacon, sauce duck, salted fish and so on.Usually, there are only two people in the family, eating is relatively simple, basically is a day to cook a meal, cooking at noon, the rest of the evening hot again eat.Can not finish the food also reluctant to throw away, the next day to continue hot hot table.Preserved food, in particular, does not spoil easily and is often served for days on end.Such as overnight meals, high-calorie and high-sugar foods, and processed meat are all risk factors for stomach and bowel cancer.More than 40 years old had better do second colonoscope “my wife is the colonoscope that has a symptom just to do, I what symptom all have no, also did not feel where uncomfortable how got bowel cancer?”After the operation, Lying on the hospital bed, Mr Huang was puzzled.In this regard, the doctor said, in the process of seeing patients, often feel uncomfortable before they come to the outpatient service, this kind of people, once detected cancer, most have developed to the middle and late stage.Doctors say it’s best to get a colonoscopy before age 40 even if you don’t have symptoms.This is because bowel cancer, unlike other cancers, has a cloak of invisibility and is easily overlooked.And most of bowel cancer is the evolution of intestinal adenoma, the growth is extremely slow, from polyps to colorectal cancer takes about 10-15 years.Therefore, if you can put the examination work ahead, catch the cancer before a colonoscopy, as long as early detection, early treatment, can prevent it.Therefore, it is advisable to have a colonoscopy if you are over the age of 40, regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. If you have a family history of bowel cancer, it is recommended to have a colonoscopy earlier.

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