The first proton hospital in central China is in full operation

Workers carry out internal construction at the construction site of the Proton Medicine Center of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital on Huanhu 6th Road in The east Xihu District of Wuhan, Capital of Central China’s Hubei Province, Feb. 11, 2022.On The same day, the proton Center project of Union Hospital, which was built by the first company of The Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction Engineering Co., LTD., was fully resumed after the holiday after passing the inspection. The main structure of the project has been completely capped, and all staff will devote themselves to the construction of the proton equipment lifting node on June 8.It is reported that the proton Center project of Wuhan Union Hospital is the first proton hospital under construction in Central China, with a total construction area of 25,500 square meters and a building height of 19.2 meters. It is divided into aprotic area and proton area.The aprotic region contains two electron linacs, two nuclear magnetic resonance machines and two CT machines.The proton zone contains a Varian proton therapy system (1 cyclotron chamber and 4 treatment chambers).After completion, the project will rapidly promote and improve the level of tumor diagnosis and treatment in Hubei Province and even central China, and fill the gap of proton therapy in central and Southern China.(Photo by Ni Na, hubei Daily, correspondent Xiao Lu and Han Shuai) Source: Hubei Daily

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