Look back at The Matrix: it was a prophetic movie about the Internet 20 years ago!The text/wang

Looking back at the first three Matrix films, it was a prophetic film about the nature of the Internet 20 years ago!About the author: Wang Min, member of China Film Critics Association, film critic columnist of some newspapers and new media in China, reporter of Xiamen Broadcasting Group, member of Xiamen Film Association, member of Xiamen Film and Television Script Society.Guide language if use “years leave a mark” will describe “hacker empire: matrix restart” this film, again appropriate nevertheless, Keanu Reeves both hands open forward “forced business practice qigong”, the handsome appearance when comparing him young, vicissitudes of life all show.Distinguish the first three, the film is 18 years ago on the nature of the Internet a prediction of the film, with feelings and fans of a dialogue, emphasize trinity’s love and the necessity of small partners united combat.However, the movie also has some shortcomings that I can’t get over. It lacks philosophical reasoning, only middle-aged love and lackluster action effects. If you haven’t seen the first three movies, it’s hard to understand the plot, and ultimately it’s just a popcorn movie.Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) return to the Matrix: Here, one is the everyday world that the Matrix creates over and over again.The other is the real human world, hidden behind it.Neo has to make a decision again in order to find out whether his “reality” is real or not.After a gap of 18 years, neo, the killer of the Matrix, is back again, and many viewers may have forgotten the plot of the first three films.I first briefly summarize the previous plot, the hero Neo one day by Morpheus and Trinity wake up.He learned that humans in the real world have been controlled by artificial intelligence, and all humans have been put into survival pods to live in a virtual world created by the program.Neo was awakened because he might be “The One,” or the messiah.He wavered and doubted his way until he gradually mastered the procedural logic of the virtual world, not the laws of physics defined by the program.Later, Neo was killed by the program’s anti-virus system, Smith, who was completely awakened after receiving trinity’s true love kiss and was able to see through the code of the program world and defeat Agent Smith.Neo, guided by the prophet, declared war on the matrix.But the creator of the Matrix told him that the so-called savior was just a bug in the matrix system. Everything that had happened before was under the control of the system, and everything just led him to come here.Neo is also the sixth generation of saviors, and he is forced to choose between trinity and Zion, the only remaining tribes of humanity.In the end, Neo chose his true love and saved his beloved — Trinity.Later, Zion was besieged by the machine army, the human army fought desperately, Neo was also captured by the Machine Lord.But at this time, neo before the elimination of anti-virus program Smith has actually upgraded, he has his own independent consciousness, and the threat to the matrix program.Neo compromised with the Robot Lord in exchange for peace in the human world in exchange for the elimination of Smith.Neo and Smith engaged in a battle that destroyed the world and the earth, and eventually they both died.Zion was saved, and a bug in the Matrix system was fixed.That’s what the first three movies are all about. It’s hard to understand the matrix Reboot without watching the first three movies.The Matrix Reboots is certainly built on the giant shoulders of wachowski’s sisters, and it’s hard to innovate, and it’s directed by just one of them.Apart from the first three, the film is a prediction of the nature of the Internet 18 years ago, the film with feelings and fans of a dialogue, the film is everywhere with the green bouncing computer green characters as a transition.Set after the trilogy, it is clear that Neo is dead but not completely dead, and trinity is the same, virtual and real world, waiting for them to choose between.After neo was resurrected, his consciousness was reconnected to the newly upgraded Matrix 7.0, which had hidden Neo in the matrix through the previous three “rethinking the past”.The first half of the film sets up suspense, linking the world view of the trilogy, using Rick and Morty to poke fun at the plot of the classic Hollywood narrative: “I will make a sequel.”Representing the same elements of absurdity, nihilism, feminism, and classic homage as before, neo has wrapped up the plot of the previous trilogy in a game vehicle called The Matrix, where he becomes a game designer who needs frequent visits to a therapist.In the case of the game, director Lana Wachowski tells Matrix fans that, for 18 years, the creator’s ambition was to make it impossible for fans to tell the difference between real and virtual worlds.In the second half of the film, the creators satirize themselves for not having enough luck and talent, just as the film has struggled to escape the shackles of the Matrix trilogy.So the film opens the shackles of multiple walls, open the meta universe and popular IP discussion.The second half of the film changes to another perspective, different from the previous trilogy, now human and machine coexist, the film wants to continue to re-structure the concept of man-machine and achieve a new matrix of the world view.As the architect points out at the end of the film: “Most people don’t want to be sentimental. More people want to live in a comfort zone. The red pill and the blue pill don’t just choose strawberry like Neo and Trinity.”The old and new of man and machine come out of the matrix, they are filled with tubes, the back of the head interface also changed from a single to a pair, human-machine interweave more complex.But these truths don’t seem to matter anymore, and Trinity needs to make her own choices to escape the Matrix.In reality, Trinity does not have her true love, Neo, to accompany her. In the matrix, she has a warm and happy family, a husband and two sons. It is difficult for her to make a choice.The above are the advantages of the film, but there are also some shortcomings of the film let me not spew out, to use the network catchphrase, after watching my EMO, the negative emotions come up.First, the film is originally full of philosophical speculation, but all it has left is middle-aged love and lackluster action effects.The entire film is a homage to the classics, but if audiences haven’t seen the first three films or forgotten what happened in the previous one, they’ll have trouble understanding the plot, let alone relatable.Second, it is a perfunctory attempt to dissolve everything with love, nested within the familiar Hollywood action movie template.The film is the work of director Lana Wachowski and author, and its ideas and concepts, unlike art house films or commercial entertainment, are not very friendly to the audience or even difficult to understand.The birth of the film, facing difficulties and challenges, Lana Wachowski did not want to repeat the cycle, so she jumped out of the framework of the trilogy to deconstruct, but was restricted by the pains of the trilogy.Although there is no Easter egg at the end of the film, but the film can only keep mixed feelings selling point.Third, the trilogy has won four Academy Awards including best Visual Effects for its amazing and imaginative special effects, especially the famous “Bullet Time” shot, which is called the classic special effects of textbook level. However, the film does not have the surprise of the perfect integration of Oriental martial arts and special effects in those days.Such Hollywood special-effects template action movies end up being nothing more than popcorn movies.(Original film review, without the permission of the author, unauthorized use of the article for commercial purposes, once found all legal consequences.)

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