Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia sees off “transcendents”

Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chen Weiqing sees off Saudi Alpine skier Fayq Abdi and the Saudi delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in China at the ambassador’s residence of the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia on The morning of January 27.’The goal of the Olympics is to transcend the past, to make history and to move forward together,’ Chen told Mr. Abdi.”As your name implies (‘ Fayq ‘means’ beyond’ in Arabic), you have made history as the first Saudi and Gulf Arab athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics.Beijing will also set a record by becoming the first city to host both the Summer and winter Olympics.Beijing winter Olympics are held in the cold season, but you will receive the warmest welcome in China.”Abdi said that the Chinese people are good friends of the Saudi people and are very proud and honored to represent Saudi athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”I will work hard on the field and add luster to the Beijing Winter Olympics with excellent performance.”Source Xinhua News Agency editor Kang Dian process editor Liu Weili

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