Luo Xun visited the staff on duty during the Spring Festival

On January 31, the county party committee secretary luo inquiry into the city streets and related department, called condolences to work in the cadres and workers of a line, thank them to guarantee every family well-being are making hard work and selfless dedication, to hold position of cadres and workers during the festival holiday greetings, to extend New Year wishes to the people of the county.ROM and unattended on duty staff cordial talks in XianWeiBan and the county government offices, ROM, a line called on-duty cadre staff on duty, season’s greetings and sincere wishes to them, ask the staff on duty at the same time, loyal to their duties and started and responsible, and resolutely carry bear responsibility, earnestly implement the duty unattended system, ensure the information flow during the festival, the security and stability of the county.ROM – see condolences to the public security traffic police prosperous road and south road intersection in urban areas, ROM – one line is visited the public security traffic police on duty, inquired about the duty personnel on duty arrangement and traffic channel condition, hope to the public security traffic police continue to carry forward special can bear, especially can fight, especially to the spirit of dedication, takes office responsible earnestly, do a good job on duty during the Spring Festival transportation channel and BeiQin,With greater enthusiasm, we will devote ourselves to the work of traffic protection and ensure smooth traffic.Luo Xun visited the sanitation workers in the county sanitation department, Luo Xun delegation to the county sanitation workers to extend New Year’s greetings and blessings, thank them for their contributions to the urban and rural cleaning work in South County.Luo xun pointed out that during the Spring Festival, the number of people returning home and the production of household garbage is large, so the sanitation workers in the front line should strengthen cleaning efforts to ensure that garbage daily cleaning, to provide a comfortable living environment for the people.Relevant departments should earnestly care about the work and life of sanitation workers, and strive to create a good atmosphere of respect for sanitation work and care for sanitation workers.Luo Xun visited the state grid South county power supply company cadres and workers on duty in the state grid South County power supply company, Luo Xun line visited the cadres and workers on duty, thanked them for giving up their small homes, caring for everyone, hard I one person, happiness of the spirit of ten million, and inquired in detail about the county electricity load and safety power supply.Luo xun stressed that the Spring Festival is the peak period of electricity consumption, safe power supply is the responsibility of power grid personnel, the mission, to strengthen power grid dispatching operation and maintenance, earnestly do a good job on duty and emergency rescue work, to ensure safe power supply during the Spring Festival.Luo Xun and high-speed traffic police shake hands in high-speed traffic police duty point, Luo Xun and traffic police one by one handshake, thank them for the economic and social development of south county contribution, hope traffic police further strengthen the duty on duty, conscientiously perform their duties, for the people of South County a safe and auspicious Spring Festival escort.County party committee standing committee, deputy county magistrate Wang Qiang to visit condolence activities.

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