If the mother of eight children is their own relatives, you will donate?

Recently, xuzhou “give birth to eight children woman” incident is still fermenting.During the Spring Festival, local netizens posted a short video to introduce dong Zhimin, a father of eight children. According to netizens, the father and his children had a very warm Spring Festival. From time to time, local netizens and livestream hosts visited them with money and gifts.In the video, the father, beaming with joy as he clutched the RMB donated by netizens, gathered his children together for a live broadcast and repeatedly thanked those who donated to him.It seems to have been a very rewarding year for the family. The children should have had a very fulfilling year. They had good food to eat and gifts to take.However, some netizens expressed their anger, saying, “Did the mother get warm?I can’t feel any warmth in this video, I just feel cold and sick after watching it!”Just before the holiday, a local decorating blogger posted a video saying, “Instead of being punished, the father’s home is being renovated?As you can see in the video, the outside is obviously preparing the ground, which is the rhythm of the decoration.It is reported that the house itself was built with local money. In other words, the man did nothing, found a woman to be his wife, gave birth to 8 children, then someone paid for the house, and now someone is helping to repair it. No wonder so many netizens are calling it ridiculous.In addition, some shocking details were revealed in a recent live broadcast by a blogger, who accidentally recorded his mother speaking.Many local sichuan netizens said they understood what she was saying, which seemed to be: “This family is full of rapists.”Previously, jiangsu xuzhou venture issued a “baby eight children woman” situation investigation report, report said Yang man (the name for Dong Mou people take) in June 1998 in huan county and shandong yutai junction and beggars, be Dong Mou Dong Mou (deceased) received more, the father of the people, with Dong Mou people living together ever since.Found in the life, Yang xia has mental retardation performance, but life is still able to take care of themselves.When dealing with marriage registration, town civil administration office staff did not carry out strict verification of its identity information.In fact, it is easy to calm the doubts of public opinion about xuzhou.Only need to do the following three points: one, announce “mental illness” woman’s family information, are all born of parents, whether they know their daughter is so treated?Ii. Clarify legal responsibilities. Are the persons involved involved involved in maltreatment, restriction of personal freedom or rape?3. Timely, transparent, open and candid responses to social issues.

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