Gansu province’s Internet and information system has made solid progress in network ecological governance to provide services for epidemic prevention and control

The reporter learned from the Cyberspace Office of Gansu Provincial Party Committee that since the outbreak of the NOVEL coronavirus in Gansu province, the cyberspace system of the province has been focusing on the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, and has been continuously strengthening Internet law enforcement, pointing out all kinds of Internet chaos, and actively creating a clear cyberspace for epidemic prevention and control.Combined with special action “clear” and continued to carry out the related ecological management of network information content and epidemic news spread order regulation, rumours of an illegal release outbreak, title of the party, ceng flow account on patrol and centralized control, for illegal editorial reproduced on epidemic information, disturb the order of the local epidemic prevention and control over the flow of all kinds of banned account taken, current limiting, shut down,Interviews were conducted with those responsible for releasing personal information related to the epidemic in violation of regulations, and administrative penalties were imposed in conjunction with relevant industry authorities.After investigation, Wang and Ma in Lanzhou used weibo to publish rumors related to epidemic control, and the network information department and local public security department verified and dealt with them in accordance with the law, and criticized and educated the people involved.Zhao in Lanzhou New District widely spread the “investigation report about Li” in the wechat group, resulting in the leakage of citizens’ personal information. The network information department verified and dealt with it in accordance with the law, and handed over to the relevant department for serious treatment.Baiyin City Zeng mou in “a catering service supervision group” released rumors related to the epidemic, the network information department in conjunction with the public security department immediately investigated, and its interview, reprimand.Luo in Tianshui city used douyin account “Real Me” to post a false short video of “Tianshui city lockdown”, and the cyberspace department interviewed him and admonished him in accordance with the law.Since the outbreak, provincial network letter office received 21942 and disposal of all kinds of illegal information reporting, investigation and closure of 32, order rectification to rectify 29 site, warning illegal interview since the media account 59 people, deal with relevant illegal number 37, and disclose personal information 49 accounts, rumors and untrue information disposal on epidemic 52,We corrected 282 articles of non-standard expressions, and, in conjunction with competent departments of health, market supervision, development and reform, promptly dealt with acts of issuing false control measures, price gouging and disrupting market order and accounts, effectively maintaining order in cyberspace.The network information department reminds each Internet information service platform and the general netizen: The Internet is not a place beyond the law.He called for taking the corresponding social responsibility, actively cooperating with epidemic prevention and control, not fabricating rumors, not believing rumors, and not spreading rumors, and promoting the theme and spreading positive energy.During the epidemic prevention and control period, attention should be paid to the protection of personal information, and the unofficial “QR code” and “mini program” requests for personal information should be treated with caution to avoid disclosure of personal information.At the same time, we welcome netizens and people from all walks of life to actively report illegal behaviors and information online, so as to jointly create a clean, positive, healthy and orderly cyberspace.For information, call 0931-8712377, website:, email: source:

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