@Lanzhou citizens, illegal off-campus training institutions report telephone announcement

On February 25, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau that, in order to boost the implementation of the “double reduction” work, from now on, a supervision and reporting telephone has been set up. The general public can report the following institutions that carry out out-of-school training illegally through the telephone. The Municipal Market supervision Bureau will investigate and verify, and investigate and punish according to law.The scope of reporting involves four categories: first, institutions that carry out education and training without permission.The second is the education consulting, education and technology companies in the name of illegal training institutions for primary and secondary school students.Third, there are illegal charges, monopoly, unfair competition and other illegal behavior of off-campus training institutions.Fourth, there are illegal acts of issuing false and misleading recruitment guidelines and advertisements, and inducing students and parents to participate in various kinds of training institutions.The general public can dial “12315” consumer complaints to report the special line for supervision and reporting, or dial the district and county market supervision administrations within working days.Chengguan District Market Supervision Administration: 0931-8157284;Qilihe District Market Supervision Administration: 0931-2662053;Anning District Market Supervision Administration: 0931-7681521;Xigu District Market Supervision Administration, 0931-7539746;Honggu District Market Supervision Administration bureau, 0931-6214396;Market Supervision Administration of Gaolan County, 0931-5721420;Yuzhong County Market Supervision Administration: 0931-5220170;Yongdeng County Market Supervision Administration: 0931-6427416;High-tech Industry Development Branch of Market Supervision Administration: 0931-8550866.Source: Lanzhou Daily

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